The Highlander franchise is a true testament to ’80s film culture. Taking castle battles and chivalry right into the heart of modern cities, it introduced viewers to a unique blend of fantasy, science fiction, and action that was truly special. With its unforgettable soundtrack and story full of fascinating characters, it’s no wonder why so many people have fallen in love with this beloved cult classic. Over the years, fans have eagerly followed each installment of Highlander, both good and bad, hoping that a reboot or sequel may arrive on the big screen. Although a return to form might still be many years away, it’s comforting to know that the legacy of Highlander will live on.

All Highlander Film Series In Order

  1. Highlander

    In the 1986 classic Highlander, the world is turned upside down when an immortal Scot named Connor MacLeod discovers he is one of many immortals who can only be killed by decapitation. He is soon thrown into battle against an oppressive villain named The Kurgan, and a captivating love story also unfolds. It’s a great tale with an excellent blend of historical and science fiction aesthetics. This swashbuckling adventure set in New York City follows these characters on a mission to discover what it means to live forever and how they can stop their antagonist from destroying them all. Interestingly, a significant part of this film focuses on religion and spiritual ideas, such as Christianity and Zen Buddhism, which adds a layer of interest to this fantastic story.

    Highlander (1986)

  2. Highlander II: The Quickening

    It is the sequel to the original 1986 film about an immortal Highlander hero. This time, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) teaches a new generation of immortals to fight against a mighty enemy determined to stop them at all costs. When a crashed spacecraft brings an energy shield that blocks harmful radiation and turns Earth into an environmental wasteland, MacLeod teams up with one unlikely ally, Louise Marcus (Virginia Madsen), to find a way to undo what they have done by activating the shields in space. As their search takes them worldwide, they discover more at stake than they ever imagined. Not only are they protecting humanity from its destruction, but they are also saving the immortals themselves. In the battle for power and survival, MacLeod is the only hope if humankind survives this ultimate test of resilience.

    Highlander II- The Quickening

  3. Highlander III: The Sorcerer

    Released in 1994, it is a fantasy action film with a twist. When the enigmatic Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) discovers he’s been impenetrably linked to an evil warlock called Kane (Mario Van Peebles), MacLeod has to draw on all his strength and centuries of training to defeat Kane and protect innocence. Along the way, familiar allies like Ramirez (Sean Connery) come back to help him with their wit and wisdom as they battle over powerful ancient relics that could be used for good or ill. Ultimately, Bond must find the courage to overpower even the darkest magic and protect humanity from destruction. This delightful classic comes full circle when Connor has to face off against his longtime nemesis one last time in an epic sword fight that tests both combatants’ willpower and skill.

    Highlander III- The Sorcerer

  4. Highlander: Endgame

    It is an action-packed film from 2000 that many viewers still talk about today. The movie follows the story of two immortals who were once close friends, only to become mortal enemies. Through multiple thrilling fight scenes and plot twists, they ultimately face off in a climactic battle that could decide the fate of all immortals. The intense struggle includes a variety of swords and other weapons in what becomes an action-packed but similarly heartwarming finale. Directed by Douglas Aarniokoski, this exciting fantasy film remains a favorite for its incredible fight choreography and undeniably entertaining plot.

    Highlander- Endgame

  5. Highlander: The Source

    It is an exciting movie that follows the adventures of Connor MacLeod and his quest for the source of immortality. In a sudden twist of events, he learns that he has been declared a descendant of legendary immortals and must fulfill several tasks to save the world from an ancient evil bent on destroying humanity. Along the way, Connor is tasked with finding various magical artifacts to open up the source, fighting off skilled sworders, and even piecing together clues from ancient scrolls. Through all this danger and confusion, Connor barely manages to stay one step ahead of his enemies. Highlander: The Source is an action-packed film filled with fight scenes, daring escapes, and thrilling puzzles – guaranteed to keep viewers entertained!

    Highlander- The Source


The Highlander film series is truly a masterpiece, taking viewers on a fantastic journey into the world of extra-terrestrial creatures emerging as mortals on Earth. With their timeless plot and amazingly developed environment, these films have become iconic in their own right. The concept of an ancient power coming from an alien born on Earth, fighting for the ultimate Prize, has been touched upon in the movies but with a delicate and unique touch that has led to an unarguable classic. Although opinions on the timeline could vary, one thing is sure: this movie will always be seen as a timeless example of cinematic excellence.